What Men Like and Hate: How to Get Your Ex Back

by on May 10, 2010

Getting an ex back is never going to be an easy thing. This is because a relationship can be very complicated because men and women are very different creatures.

Usually, men find it hard to understand women. For women, they also tend to find it hard understanding men. Ultimately, our view is usually quite limited. Unless you specifically go and educate yourself about the subject of men and women, it is usually quite difficult for people to understand the behavior of the opposite gender.

Men will only know how to view the world through the lens of men. Similarly, women will only know how to view the world through the lens of women. If you want to increase your odds of winning your boyfriend back, it pays to understand more about men.

The number one thing that men hate is to be nagged. Ultimately, what your boyfriend want is a companion who love, respect and most importantly, to admire him. He does not need a woman to nag at him. He already has a mother who is nagging at him and he does not need another woman to fulfill that parental roles.

Also, men like to be admired. To be more precise, men want to be your hero. Men want to be seen as heroes in your eyes. If your man knows that you admire him, he is more than willing to do anything for you.

And this is why nagging is so destructive. Will you nag at someone you admire. Most probably not, I guess. And if a man can sense that you no longer admire him, what happens? Well, your relationship is going to deteriorate to a certain extent.

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